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We’re here to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Volunteering Improves Social Connections

Doncare op shops are community hubs where people remain connected through volunteerism.  Join the chorus of volunteers and get involved and make a difference.

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Supporting The Most Vulnerable

Doncare has been supporting people to overcome adversity since 1969. We strengthen and empower families, the aged, youth, women and people who are experiencing disadvantage. 

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About Doncare Op Shops

Doncare op shops provide a magic win-win for the community – environmental sustainability, ethical accountability and affordability. 

All items available for sale have been generously donated by people like you and revenue supports the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the local community. 

If you love to op shop, why not explore Doncare’s op shop trail.  Our seven op shops are located in Melbourne’s inner east. 

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